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panik atuarfingmiipa?
is the daughter at school?
panik aatsaat atuarfingmit anivoq
the daughter is coming from school now
kina taava atuarfingmut iserpa?
then who is going to school?
kiffaq sumiipa?
(in) where is the servant?
qaqqamiipoq erniinarli qaqqamit illumut atissaaq
he is in the mountain but will soon come down from the mountain and into the house
arnat sumiipat?
(in) where are the women?
anipput, immaqa pisiniarfingmut atissapput
they are out, maybe they will down into to the shop
palasi atuarfingmi sulivoq, erniinnaq inissaoq
the priest is working at the school, he will soon finish
taava atuarfingmit pisiniarfingmut atissaaq
then he will leave the school and go down to the shop
piniartut aqagu qimussissapput. sumut aallassappat?
tomorrow the hunters will drive a dog sled. where will they travel to?
kangerlungmut ikerasangmullu aallassapput
they will travel to the fjord and the waterway
sooq ilaanngilatit?
why aren't you going along?
erniinnaq atuarfingmut majuassaanga
soon I will go up to the shop