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12. Reading

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Maria angutaanngilaq, arnaavoq
Maria is not a man, she is a woman
Kaali arnaanngilaq, angutaavoq
Kaali is not a woman, he is a man
angut arnarlu siniffingmiipput maannakkullu iterput
a man and a woman are in bed and they are waking up now
taavalu siniffingmit makipput
and then they get out of bed
taava igaffingmit nerisarfingmut iserpoq
then she leaves the kitchen and goes into the dining room
nerisarfik nerriveqarpoq
the dining room has a table
nerisarfingmi aamma issiaveqarpoq
in the dining room there is also a chair
Hanse sunaava? Hanse angutaavoq
what is Hanse? Hanse is a man
Dorte pisiniarfingmiipoq
Dorte is at the shop
Dorte atuarfingmi kiffaavoq
Dorte is a worker at the school
Maria angerlarpoq Dorteli atuarfingmut majuarpoq
Maria goes home but Dorte goes up to the school
Peele aamma atuarfingmiippoq. Peele ajoqiuvoq
Peele is also at the school. Peele is a catechist
Kaali piniartuuvoq. maannakkut illumit anivoq
Kaali is a hunter. he is leaving the house now
kangerlungmi siku ajunngilaq
in the fjord the ice isn't bad
ippassaq qeqertami aqisseqarpoq, kisianni ullumi aqisseqanngilaq
yesterday there were ptarmigans on the island, however today there are no ptarmigans