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ataata iserpoq
father goes in
kina iserpa?
who goes in?
anaana atuarpoq
mother reads
kina atuarpa?
who reads?
ataata iserpa?
does father go in?
aap, ataata iserpoq
yes, father goes in
anaana iserpa?
does mother go in?
naamik, anaana atuarpoq
no, mother reads
tuttu majuarpoq
a reindeer goes up
suna majuarpa?
what goes up?
sava aterpoq
a sheep goes down
suna aterpa?
what goes down?
tuttu aterpa?
does a reindeer go down?
naamik, tuttu majuarpoq
no, a reindeer goes up
sava majuarpa?
does a sheep go up?
naamik, sava aterpoq
no, a sheep goes down
ataatat iserput
fathers go in
kikkut iserpat?
who are going in?
anaanat atuarput
mothers read
kikkut atuarpat?
who are reading?
tuttut majuarput
reindeer go up
suut majuarpat?
what go up?
savat aterput
sheep go down
suut aterpat?
what come down?