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Irregular Short Form Past Tense Verbs

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to go
to come
to do / to make
to have / to receive
es i
I went
est ti
(s) you went
aeth e
he went
aeth hi
she went
aethon ni
we went
aethoch chi
(pl) you went
aethon nhw
they went
des i
I came
dest ti
(s) you came
daeth e
he came
daeth hi
she came
daethon ni
we came
daethoch chi
(pl) you came
daethon nhw
they came
gwnes i
I did / I made
gwnest ti
(s) you did / you made
gwnaeth e
he did / he made
gwnaethon ni
we did / we made
gwnaethoch chi
(pl) you did / you made
gwnaethon nhw
they did / they made
ces i
I had / I received
cest ti
(s) you had / you received
cafodd e
he had / he received
cafodd hi
she had / she received
cawson ni
we had / we received
cawsoch chi
(pl) you had / you received
cawson nhw
they had / they received