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The Conditional Tense (N)

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faswn i ddim
I wouldn't
faset ti ddim
(s) you wouldn't
fasai e ddim
he wouldn't
fasai hi ddim
she wouldn't
fasen ni ddim
we wouldn't
fasech chi ddim
(pl) you wouldn't
fasen nhw ddim
they wouldn't
ddylwn i ddim
I shouldn't
ddylet ti ddim
(s) you shouldn't
ddylai e ddim
he shouldn't
ddylai hi ddim
she shouldn't
ddylen ni ddim
we shouldn't
ddylech chi ddim
(pl) you shouldn't
ddylen nhw ddim
they shouldn't
allwn i ddim
I couldn't
allet ti ddim
(s) you couldn't
allai e ddim
he couldn't
allai hi ddim
she couldn't
allen ni ddim
we couldn't
allech chi ddim
(pl) you couldn't
allen nhw ddim
they couldn't