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Ma sooviksin aega kinni panna.
I would like to make an appointment.
Kas te soovite föönisoengut või rullisoengut?
Would you like your hair to be done with the blow-dryer or with curlers?
Ega see föön teil väga kõvasti ei mürise?
The blow-dryer doesn't make too much noise, does it?
Ma ei tea, kas sellest ikka jätkub?
Are you sure that will be enough?
Ta ei lepi iga juuksuriga.
Any hairdresser won't do for her.
Ärge muretsege, meil on kogenud meistrid.
Don't worry, we have experienced specialists.
Küll nad hakkama saavad.
Surely they will cope.
Ma kuulsin vist valesti.
I must have misheard you.