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Kas olete ennast sisse seadnud?
Have you settled in?
Sain jah toa kätte.
Yes, I've got my room.
Mille üle te kaebate?
What are you complaining about?
Ega ma ei taha kaevata.
No, actually I don't want to complain.
Ma olen nii kerge unega.
I am such a light sleeper.
Mis teile muret teeb?
What's worrying you?
Mees ei tohi tühiasjade pärast viriseda.
A real man should not whine about petty matters.
Hinna sees on kolm protseduuri.
The price includes three treatments.
Ma kardan koledasti kõdi.
I'm really ticklish.
Ega ma vägisi ei sunni.
I won't force you.
Üleval tantsitakse poole ööni.
There will be dancing upstairs past midnight.
sisse seadma, sisse seada, sean sisse, seadsin sisse
to settle in
kätte saama, kätte saada, saan kätte, sain kätte
to get, to catch, to reach
koostama, koostada, koostan, koostasin
to compile, compose, put together
kaebama, kaevata, kaeban, kaebasin
to complain
sleep, rest
virisema, viriseda, virisen, virisesin
to whine
määrama, määrata, määran, määrasin
to prescribe, to decide
at first
kartma, karta, kardan, kartsin
to be afraid of
by force
sundima, sundida, sunnin, sundisin
to make someone do something
just like that
at all
on the contrary