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Ma ei oska ise raviprotseduure valida.
I can't choose a procedure myself.
Mina võin oma arstilt kõike küsida.
I can ask anything from my doctor.
Ma ei armasta hommikuti vara tõusta.
I don't like (love) getting up early in the morning.
Ma ei saa magada, kui kõva muusika mängib.
I can't sleep when loud music is playing.
Ma ei taha kaevata, isegi kui on probleeme.
I don't want to complain, even when there's a problem.
Minu arvates ei tohi mehed viriseda.
In my opinion men can't whine.
Ma soovin vähemalt korra nädalas tantsida.
I wish to dance at least once a week.
Mulle meeldib nädalavahetustel sporti teha.
I like to do sports on weekends.
Minu arvates on lõbus baarides aega veeta.
In my opinion it's fun to spend time at bars.
Sanatooriumis on tore ka niisama puhata.
It's also great to just rest at a sanatorium.