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Spool Pin
holds the upper thread spool
Thread Guides
guide the upper thread from the spool pin to the needle
Tension Control
controls the tightness or looseness of the upper thread
Bobbin Winder
Winds the bobbin with the correct tension
Take Up Lever
goes up and down to pull enough thread off the spool to form a single stitch each time (moves when the Hand Wheel turns)
Presser Foot Lifter
raises and lowers the presser foot
Presser Foot
surrounds the needle and holds the fabric down on the throat plate and feed system to form stitches
pierces fabric to form stitches
Throat Plate
protects bobbin case and is inscribed with guidelines to make straight, even sewing easier
Feed Dog
move against the bottom of the presser foot to move the fabric through the machine
Bobbin Case
holds the bobbin
Stitch Width Control
regulates the width of the zigzag stitches and the position of the needle
Stitch Length Control
regulates how long or short the stitches become.
Reverse button
used to secure stitching at the beginning and end
Hand Wheel
move the needle up and down by hand
Power Switch
turns the machine on and off and when on turns on a light bulb to give light to the user to see properly
Foot Pedal
makes the machine go and controls the speed
holds the bottom thread
Needle Clamp
holds the needle securely in place
tape measure
used to take body measurements
Transparent ruler
measures and makes short straight lines and marks buttonholes, pleats, tucks, and bias strips
hem gauge
used for measuring and pressing items and marks straight and curved lines
used for laying out pattern pieces, holding two layers of fabric together while stitching and making hemlines (silk pins, ballpoint pins, Ball-headed pins, T-pins, pincushion w/emery)
pin cushions
holds pins and needles that are inserted into the padded area
Dressmaker's Bent-Handle Shears
used for cutting large pieces of fabric and has a bent handle to allow the fabric to lie flat while cutting
pinking shears
used to finish seam edges on firmly woven fabric, helps prevent raveling, and has zigzag edge
sewing scissors
used to trim and grade seams, clip curves, and cut into corners
Embroidery scissors
used for detail work such as cutting threads, ripping stitches, and opening buttons
seam ripper
used for ripping out stitching
rotary cutter
Cuts fabric, leather, vinyl, fil, and paper as it's rolled along the cutting board. Makes straight clean cuts and resembles pizza cutter
Tailor's chalk
used for marking fabric, marks will disappear when brushed away or ironed
tracing wheel
used with tracing paper to transfer pattern markings to fabric
used for hand sewing (basting, hemming, applying fasteners)
used to push needle through fabric and protect finger while sewing by hand
needle threader
used to facilitate the process of threading an needle
point turner
used for pushing out points of collars, cuffs, etc.
used for pressing and ironing fabric
ironing board
used under an iron for ironing or presisng garments
press cloth
places between iron and fabric to protect fabric form shine and the iron form fusible resins
sleeve board
used for pressing narrow areas which cannot fit ove end of ironing board
tailor's ham
used to press curved areas of a garment such as a curved seams and darts
seam roll
used for pressing seams open so seam allowwance does not dhow through to right side of fabric
Sewing/Seam Guage
Used to measure seam allowances and hems
Skirt Marker
Measure and mark hemlines with either pins or chalk
Silk Pins
made of stainless steel or brass,used with most fabrics
Ballpoint Pins
Silk pin with a rounded point to enable pin to slip easily between strands of yarn, to prevent snags
Ball-head Pins
Pins with colorful glass or plastic heads,easily to pick up
Large T-shaped head,irks well on loosely woven fabrics,bulky fabrics,and pile fabrics
Thread clipper
Spring-action blades, Purpose: Clipping thread ends
Fabric Marking pen
Purpose: Marks,Notches,Darts,Circles,Squares,Disappears with water or evaporates after 48 hours
Purpose: Mark pattern symbols, Make simple hand-sewn stitches to mark construction lines on fabric
Resembles a large,blunt needle,Purpose: pulls cord or elastic through casing
Loop Turner
A long metal rod with a hook , Purpose:Turns bias tubing and casings right side out.
Point Presser
A narrow wooden surface with a pointed ends, Purpose: pressing collar points, Curved and straight edges