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grain line
the direction that the threads of a woven fabric run in a straight line - there are different types, lengthwise, shortwise and crosswise, bias
grain line marking
the straight arrow that is placed on the grain line of the fabric - when placed properly for lengthwise grain, it is parallel to the selvages
tape measure
used to make sure grain line is parallel to selvage when pinning pattern in place - measurements from selvage to each end of the arrow should be identical
Place on fold/Fold line
Double arrowed bracket symbol that indicates the solid line be placed on the fold of the fabric.
Dots, Squares, or Triangles
Used to match fabric pieces together -used to match sleeve with shoulder, front to back or side to side. Also used to place pockets, zippers or trims
can be single, double or triple - used for matching seams and joining garment pieces - should always be cut out into the seam allowance
stitiching line
broken line usually 5/8-inch from the edge of the fabric - shows where to stitch - not included on multi-sized patterns
standard seam allowance
5/8-inch - if the pattern says "stitch" then that means 5/8-inch. If it is to be another size, it will be indicated (stitch, leaving a 1/2-inch seam allowance)
a triangular fold of fabric that is used to control bulk and fit a garment to the body, darts are seen most often at the bust
adjustment lines
show where pattern can be shortened or lengthened - use these lines to adjust so your item will remain proportional
pattern pieces
each piece will include the pattern number, how many pieces to cut and indicators like fold lines, dots, notches, squares or adjustment lines
guide sheet
a set of step-by-step instructions with diagrams and illustrations on how to cut, mark, pin and sew the garment or item