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Pattern Catalogs
Pattern catalogs helps give you ideas about styles, fashions, possible fabrics, and accessories
Pattern Companies
Major pattern companies have its own catalogs. Most catalogs are similar in size and format, but the pattern each company has are different.
Photos on front
Photos on the front give you ideas for garment variations and possible fabrics
Pattern number
The pattern number is found on the front and back of the envelope. Knowing the pattern number will help you see it illustrated by finding the number listed in the numerical order
The cost is found on the front of the envelope and it just tells you how much the pattern will be.
Size availability
Sizes that are available are found on the back of the envelope. Standard body measurements are also given and they can be used as reference if you make pattern adjustments for your body shape.
Suggested Fabrics
What would work best with the pattern you choose.
Items other than fabric that become part of a garment. Thread, Fasteners, and interfacing are examples
Yardage Chart
Yardage charts are found on the back of the pattern envelope.
Measurements tell you the size you are and how much material you need to buy to have the right size.
Sketch Details
Sketch details can help you decide a fabric design to buy.