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Yo soy estudiante
I am a student
Tú eres inteligente
you (familiar singular) are smart
él es mi compañero de clase
he is my classmate
ella es de Cuba
she is from Cuba
nosotros somos amigos
we (mixed group) are friends
nosotras somos de Oregon
we (all female) are from Oregon
ellos son profesores
they (male or mixed group) are teachers
ellas son bonitas
they (all female) are pretty
ustedes son inteligentes
you all are intelligent
Yo soy tu amiga
I am your friend (female)
Tú eres mi compañero de clase
you are (familiar, sing.) my classmate (male)
él es mi amigo
he is my friend
ella es de Scappoose
she is from Scappoose
¿Qué necesitas para el colegio?
What do you need for school?
ellos son
they are (mixed or male)
ellas son
they are (all female)
nosotros somos
we are (all male or mixed)
nosotras somos
we are (all female)
ustedes son mis amigos
you all are my friends
Sally y yo somos estudiantes
Sally and I are students
Raúl es mi amigo
Raul is my friend
Ruth es de Warren
Ruth is from Warren
Ruth y Sam son de Portland.
Ruth and Sam are from Portland