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Wars and Battles

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Battle of Kadesh
c. 1274 BC
Greco-Persian Wars
499–449 BC
Battle of Marathon
490 BC
Battle of Thermopylae
480 BC
Battle of Salamis
480 BC
Peloponnesian War
431–404 BC
Battle of Gaugamela
331 BC
Punic Wars
264–146 BC
Battle of Cannae
2 August 216 BC
Roman-Persian Wars
92 BC – 628 AD
Sulla's civil wars (against Marius)
88–87 and 83–82 BC
Gallic Campaign (by Caesar)
58–51 BC
Caesar crosses the Rubicon
49 BC
Battle of Actium
2 September 31 BC
Varian disaster (Battle of the Teutoburg Forest)
9 AD
Battle of Adrianople
9 August 378 AD