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Ancient Greece

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Mycenaean Greece
roughly 1900–1100 BC
Archaic Greece
c. 800–480 BC
Ancient Olympic Games
c. 776 BC – 394 AD
Draconian constitution
c. 620 BC
Solon's Reforms
early 6th century BC
Classical Greece
510–323 BC
508 BC
Greco-Persian Wars
499–449 BC
Ionian Revolts
499–493 BC
Battle of Marathon
490 BC
Battle of Thermopylae
480 BC
Battle of Salamis
480 BC
Delian League
478–404 BC
Golden Age of Athens / "Age of Pericles"
c. 460–429 BC
Built 447–432 BC
Statue of Zeus at Olympia
built 435 BC in Greece, destroyed c. 450 AD
Peloponnesian War
431–404 BC
Spartan Hegemony
404–371 BC
League of Corinth / Hellenic League
337 BC
(Reign of) Alexander the Great
336–323 BC
Battle of Gaugamela
331 BC
Hellenistic period
323–31 BC