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Roman Republic

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Founding of Rome
c. 753 BC
Roman Republic (founded)
509 BC
Law of the Twelve Tables
449 BC
Sack of Veii
396 BC
Sack of Rome (by Brennus)
390 BC
Samnite Wars
343–290 BC
Latin War
340–338 BC
Pyrrhic War
280–275 BC
First Punic War
264–241 BC
Second Punic War
218–201 BC
218 BC – 400 AD
Third Punic War
149–146 BC
Reforms of the Gracchi
133 and 123 BC
Marian reforms (of the Roman legions)
107 BC
Social war
91–88 BC
Sulla's civil wars (against Marius)
88–87 and 83–82 BC
War of Spartacus / Third Servile War
73–71 BC
Siege of Jerusalem (by Pompey)
63 BC
First Triumvirate (Caesar, Crassus, Pompey)
60–53 BC
Gallic Campaign (by Caesar)
58–51 BC
Roman Gaul
51 BC – 486 AD
Caesar crosses the Rubicon
49 BC
Assassination of Caesar
44 BC
Second Triumvirate (Mark Antony, Octavian, Lepidus)
43–33 BC
Battle of Actium
2 September 31 BC