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Germanic Tribes

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Migration Period
roughly 300–700 AD
Hallstatt culture
roughly 800–450 BC
La Tène culture
roughly 450–1 BC
Cimbri and Teutons
Two tribes from Jutland attacking the Roman Republic 113–101 BC
Ethno-linguistic group originating from the Hallstatt and La Tène cultures
Gauls / Gallic people
Celtic people living in the region comprising France, Belgium and Switzerland
Confederation of tribes on the North German plain
Confederation of tribes first attested in the third century AD in the area of the Lower and Middle Rhine
Tribe in the North Sea area named after a region of today's Schleswig-Holstein
Tribe from Northern Denmark
Tribe inhabiting the North Sea coast in the Netherlands and Germany until c. 400 AD
Tribe migrating from Scandinavia (no evidence) to the Black Sea area and later establishing empires in Italy and Spain
Tribe from Northeast Germany who periodically fought the Romans at the Rhine Limes and later migrated to Galicia
Tribe migrating from Eastern Europe via Spain to North Africa
Suebian tribes expanding from the Upper Rhine area to the Alsace and Northern Switzerland
Lombards / Langobards
Tribe from the lower Elbe ruling Italy 568–774
Tribe probably migrating from Scandinavia via Bornholm to Southeast France
Thuringii / Thuringians
Tribe appearing around 280 in Central Germany later establishing a kingdom around today's Bavaria