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3500–1000 BC

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roughly 3600–1200 BC
Bronze Age (in the Middle East)
roughly 3300–1300 BC
Indus Valley Civilization
roughly 3100–30 BC
Ancient Egypt
roughly 2900–2334 BC
Sumer (Early Dynastic period)
roughly 2700–1100 BC
Minoan civilization
roughly 2700–539 BC
Elam (Elamite Dynasties)
c. 2334–2154 BC
Akkadian Empire
roughly 1830–1530 BC
Old Babylonian Empire
c. 1550 – c. 1069 BC
New Kingdom of Egypt
c. 1430 – c. 1180 BC
Hittite Empire (New Hittite Kingdom)
roughly 1300–600 BC
Iron Age (in the Middle East)
roughly 1200–539 BC
c. 1030 – c. 930 BC
United Kingdom of Israel