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A se poznata?
Do you two know each other?
Mudi se mi.
I'm in a hurry.
A bi kavo?
Would you like to have a coffee?
Ja, prosim.
Yes, please.
Ne, hvala.
No, thank you.
There you go. (formal)
There you go. (informal)
Na zdravje.
Cheers!/Bless you.
A lahko dobim malo vode?
Can I get some water?
Najlepša hvala!
Thank you very much.
Dober tek!
Enjoy your meal!
Hvala enako.
Same to you!
Vse najboljše za rojstni dan.
Happy birthday!
Čestitam za diplomo!
Congratiolations for graduation!
I'm sorry./Excuse me. (formal)
I'm sorry./Excuse me. (informal)
Je že v redu.
It's fine.
Še enkrat, prosim.
One more time, please.