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potrebovati, potrebujem
to need
Želite, prosim?
Yes, please?
Rad bi jabolka, prosim, eno kilo.
I'd like to have apples, please, one kilo.
Rada krompir, prosim, pol kile.
I'd like to have potatoes, please, half a kilo.
A lahko dobim sir, prosim, 20 dek?
Can I get cheese, please, 20 decagrams?
pomagati, pomagam
to help
A lahko pomagam?
Can I help?
Ne, hvala. Samo gledam.
No, thank you. Just looking.
Koliko stane solata?
How much does the lettuce cost?
Koliko stanejo hruške?
How much do the pears cost?
Oprostite, kje je mleko?
Excuse me, where's the milk?