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Glagoli (preteklik) 2 = Verbs (past tense) 2

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Jaz sem bral/a.
I was reading.
Ti si bral/a.
You were reading.
On je bral.
He was reading.
Ona je brala.
She was reading.
Mi smo brali.
We were reading.
Me smo brale.
We (female only) were reading.
Vi ste brali.
You (plural) were reading.
Ve ste brale.
You (plural female only) were reading.
Oni so brali.
They were reading.
One so brale.
They (plural female only) were reading.
Jaz nisem spal/a.
I wasn't sleeping.
Ti nisi spal/a.
You weren't sleeping.
On ni spal.
He wasn't sleeping.
Ona ni spala.
She wasn't sleeping.
Mi nismo spali.
We weren't sleeping.
Vi niste spali.
You (plural) weren't sleeping.
Oni niso spali.
They weren't sleeping.