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Restavracija = Restaurant

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Želite, prosim?
What would you like?
Jedilni list, prosim.
Menu, please.
A lahko naročim?
Can I order?
Še kaj?
Anything else.
Kaj boste?
What will you take?
A lahko plačam s kartico?
Can I pay with a card?
Eno kavo in kozarec vode, prosim.
One coffee and a glass of water, please.
There you go.
A imate tudi hrano?
Do you also have food?
Žal, nimamo.
Sorry, we don't.
To je vse.
That's all.
Ne, to je vse.
No, that's all.
Koliko stane vse skupaj?
How much is it all together?
A lahko plačamo?
Can we pay?
Kaj imate za kosilo?
What do you have for a lunch?
točeno pivo
draft beer
pivo v steklenici
beer in a bottle
naročiti, naročim
to order
plačati, plačam
to pay