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Unit 14 - Phrasal Verbs

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Add up to
if separate amounts add up to a total amount, together they form that total; combine to produce a particular result or effect
break down
divide something such as a total amount into separate parts
build up
increase or make something increase; gradually develop; talk about someone or something in a very positive way so that people are impressed with them; make someone begger, healthier and stronger, especially by making them eat more
buy off
give someone money so that they do not act against you
buy out
pay money to your business partner so that you can control all of a business you previously owned together
buy up
buy large amounts of something or all of it that is available
carry over
take something that you earn or a re given in one year or period of time into the next one
clock up
reach a particular number or amount
club together
if people club together, each of them gives some money so all the money collected can be used to buy something
drum up
try to make people support you or buy something from you
mount up
get much larger
pay back
give someone the same amount of money that you borrowed from them
pay out
spend or pay money, especially a lot of money; provide money from an amount invested over a period of time
size up
think carefully and form an opinion about a person or a situation
take away
remove one number or quantity from another number or quantity
weigh down
make someone heavy and unable to move easily; cause problems for someone or something or make someone worried