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Unit 16 - Materials

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1. (v) to stop something from moving through or along something else 2. (n) a solid piece of wood, stone, ice, etc with straight sides
(adj) a brittle substance or object is hard and can easily break into pieces
1. (v) if something hard chips, or you chip it, a small piece of it breaks off 2. (n) a small piece of something such as wood or glass, especially when it has broken off something
1. (v) to make something smaller or firmer by pressing it, or to become smaller or firmer like this 2. (adj) smaller than most things of the same kind
(v) make a solution of something in water stronger
1. (v) to damage something so that a line or long narrow hole appears on its surface, but it does not break into pieces 2. (n) a line on a surgace where something is beginning to break apart
(n) a very small piece that falls off a dry food such as bread or cake
1. (v) to hit or press something so hard that you damage it severely or destroy it, especially by making its shape flatter 2. (n) a crowd of people all extremely close together in an area that is too smal for them
(adj) a dense substance is very heavy in relation to its size
1. (v) to make a liquid less strong by adding water or another liquid 2. (adj) a dilute liquid has been mixed with another liquid to make it less strong
(v) if a solid substance dissolves in a liquid, it is mixed into the liquid so that it becomes included in it
(n) cloth, especially when it is used for making things such as clothes or cutains
(adj) solid but not hard
1. (v) to come off a surgace in small flat pieces 2. (n) a small flat piece of something
(adj) easy to break or damage
(n) the physical force that makes it difficult for one suface to move over another
(n) a very small individual piece of substance such as sand, salt or sugar
(n) the force that makes something fall to the ground
(v) to break something into very small pieces or powder, by using a machine or by crushing it between two hard surfaces
(adj) empty inside
1. (n) a substance that can flow, has no fixed shape, and is not a solid or gas 2. (adj) in the form of a liquid
1. (v) to put people or things into the same group, although they do not really belong together 2. (n) a solid piece of something that does not have a reular shape
(n) a natual substance in the earth, for example coal, salt, gold or diamonds
1. (v) to give something a particular shape or form 2. (n) a shaped container into which you pour a liquid that then becomes a solide in the shape of the container
(adj) opaque glass, liquid, etc is difficult to see through
1. (v) to touch someone gently several times with a glat hand to show that you care about them or want to make them feel better 2. (n) the action of gently touching someone or something several times with a flat hand
1. (v) to put a large number of things on top of each other 2. (n) a number of things put on top of each other
1. (v) to rub the surgace of something in order to make it shine 2. (n) a chemical substance that you rub onto an object to make it shine
1. (v) to pull your nails along your skin, especially because you have an itch that makes you want to do this 2. (v) to damage a surface by marking it with something sharp or rough 3. (n) a thing mark on a surface
1. (v) to wash or clean something by rbbing it hard, especially with a brush 2. (n) a thorough wash or clean
(v) to break something noisily into many pieces by dropping or hitting it with a lot of force
1. (n) a substance that is not a liquid or a gas 2. (adj) a solide substance is firm and hard and is not a liquid or a gas
(n) a very small spot or mark
1. (v) to damage something by pressing or crushing it and making it lose its normal shape 2. (n) a situation in which there are too many people in a small space
1. (v) to press something firmly, especially with your hands 2. (n) the action of squeezing something
1. (v) to arrange things so that they stand one on top of another 2. (n) a pile of things placed one on top of another
(adj) firm and difficult to bend
1. (v) to gently move your hand over skin, hair or fur 2. (n) a gentle movement of your hand across skin, hair or fur
1. (v) to push something soft into a space or container 2. (n) a variety of objects or things
(n) a particular type of liquid, solid or gas
(adj) made from artificial materials or substances, not from natural ones
1. (v) to pull something so that it separates into pieces or gets a hole in it, or to become damaged in this way 2. (n) a hole in a piece of paper, cloth, etc where it has been torn
(n) the way something feels when you touch it
(adj) a transparent object or substance is clear or thin enough for you to see things through