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Unit 18 - Reactions

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1. (v) to accept or admit that something exists, is true or is real 2. (v) to thank someone for something they have done or given you, especially in writing or by saying it publicly 3. (v) to show that you have seen someone or that you recognise them, for example by smiling or speaking to them
(v) to spend a long time worrying and being upset about something
(n) a feeling of having no interest in or enthusiasm about anything, or of not being willing to make any effort to change things
(v) 1. to try to prevent something from happening 2. to try not to go near someone or something 3. to choose not to do something in order to achieve a better result
(n) theway that someone or something behaves
1. (n) a quiet laugh 2. (v) to laugh quietly, especially in a private or secret way
1. (n) a physically relaxed state, without any pain or other unpleasant feelings 2. (n) a feeling of being less sad or worried about something than you were previously 3. (n) a pleasant way of life in which you have everything you need 4. (v) to make someone feel less sad, worried or disappointed
1. (n) the way someone behaves, especially in relation to particular rules or addepted ways of behaving 2. (v) to do something in an organised way
(n) a result or effect of something
(n) the happiness you feel when you have everything you want and you enjoy your life
(adj) angry
(n) the impressive behaviour of someone who controls their emotions in a difficult situation
1. (n) a very strong feeling of not liking something 2. (v) if something disgusts you, it is so bad or immoral that it makes you angry and upset
(adj) disappointed because you have discovered that someone or something is not as good as you had believed
fed up
(adj) annoyed or bored with something that you feel you have accepted for too long
1. (n) a high laugh, especially a nervous or silly one 2. (v) to laugh in a nervous, excited or silly way that is difficult to control
1. (n) a quick look at someone or something 2. (v) to look somewhere quickly and then look away
1. (n) an occassion when you see someone or something for a moment only 2. (v) to see someone or something for a moment or not completely
(v) to show that you are happy and proud at your own success or at someone else's failure
(adj) looking sad, as if you expect something bad to happen
1. (n) to make an ugly expression by twisting your face, for example because you are in pain or do not like something 2. (v) to make an ugly expression by twisting your face, for example because you are in pain or do not like something
1. (n) a big smile that shows your teeth 2. (v) to smile showing your teeth
(v) to take action to deal with a difficult situation
(adj) annoyed because something is not happening as quickly as you want or in the way you want
(n) a situation in which something does not change for a long time
(n) traditionally accepted ways of behaving that show a polite respect for other people
1. (n) an action or movement that you need care or skill to do 2. (v) to move someone or something in a situation that needs care or skill
1. (n) an annoying complaint, especially about something that is not important 2. (n) a long low sound you make because of pain, sadness or pleasure 3. (v) to complain about something in an annoying way 4. (v) if someone moans, they make a long low sounds because of pain, sadness or pleasure
(v) to make someone or something look stupid by laughing at them, copying them, or saying something that is not kind
1. (n) the failure to give someone or something the care or attention they need 2. (v) to fail to look after someone when you are responsible for them 3. (v) to fail to do something that you should do
1. (n) a quick look at something 2. (v) to look at something quickly and secretly, usually from a place where you think you cannot be seen
(v) to look very carefully, especially because something is difficult to see
(v) to stop something from happening or stop someone from doing something
(v) to feel very happy about something, or to celebrate something in a happy way
(v) to experience angry, unhappy feelings because you think you have been treated unfairly or without enough respect
(adj) extremely determined
1. (n) an unpleasant smile 2. (v) to smile in an unpleasant way because something bad has happened to someone else, or because you think you have achieved an advantage over them
(v) 1. to suddenly lose control and become extremely angry or upset becausea situation has become too annoying or difficult 2. to speak to someone in a sudden, angry way
(n) a particular method or plan for achieving something
(n) 1. a strong feeling of fear 2. violence used for making people very frightened in order to achieve political aims