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Unit 22 - Phrasal Verbs

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brighten up
start to have more colour or light; give something more colour or light; start looking or feeling happier; if the weather brightens up, it becomes sunnier
brush up (on)
practice and improve your skills or knowledge of something
check out
examine someone or something in order to be certain that everything is correct, true or satisfactory; if information checks out, you feel that it is true after examining it
liven up
make something more interesting or exciting, or become more interesting or exciting; give something a more interesting appearance, taste or other quality
make over
change or improve the appearance of someone or something
mess up
make a mistake or do something badly; make something dirty or untidy; be the cause of someone's physical, emotional or mental problems
paper over
hide a problem or disagreement rather than finding a satisfactory solution to it
patch up
repair something; often quickly and not very well; become friends with someone again after a disagreement; give basic medical treatment to someone who is injured
pick up
learn a new skill or start a habit without intending to; go and meet someone or something that you have arranged to take somewhere in a vehicle
scrape through
succeed in doing something, but not in a very impressive way
smarten up
improve the appearance of something, for example by cleaning or painting it; if you smarten up or smarten yourself up, you make yourself look tidy and clean
stand out
be much more impressive or impotant than others; be easy to see or notice because of being different
touch up
make a surface look better with small improvements
waste away
gradually become thinner and weaker over a period of time, usually because of an illness
write off
damage a vehicle so badly that it is not worth repairing; decide that someone or something will not succeed and stop giving them you attention and energy