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El muchacho frustrado

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tiene hambre
is hungry
cena pan
eats bread for dinner
solo pide pan
only asks for bread
una madrastra diabólica
a devilish/diabolical stepmother
el muchacho frustrado
the frustrated boy
se ríe diabólicamente
laughs devilishly
no lo creo
I don't believe it
son las seis y media de la tarde
it's 6:30 in the afternoon
no cuenta
doesn't count
es verano
it is summer
quiere comer
wants to eat
¿Me pasas el pan, por favor?
Will you please pass me the bread?
No hables y come tu sopa
Don't talk and eat your soup
el pan
the bread
I bring
tenemos hambre
we are hungry
el hermanastro menor
the younger stepbrother
el abuelo
the grandpa
la abuela
the grandma
el hermano
the brother
la hermana
the sister
el tío
the uncle
la tía
the aunt
el padrastro
the stepfather
el primo
the cousin
la prima
the female cousin
todos los días
every day
la hermanastra mayor
the older step sister
la madre
el nieto
the grandson
la nieta
the granddaughter
el medio hermano
the half brother
la media hermana
the half sister