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School routine (Unit 1)

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se réveiller
to wake up
se lever
to get up
se doucher
to have a shower
se laver
to wash oneself
to get dressed
se brosser les dents
to wash your teeth
prendre le petit-déjeuner
to have breakfast (using prendre for to take)
prendre son sac
to take one's bag
quitter la maison
to leave the house
aller à l'école
to go to school
manger à la cantine
to eat at the canteen
je rentre chez moi
I go back to mine
rentrer à la maison
to go back home
to have a snack (at around 4pm)
faire mes devoirs
to do my homework
to have dinner
se coucher
to go to sleep
en bus
by bus
en métro
by underground
en voiture
by car
en car
by coach
à pied
by foot
en train
by train