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a ghostwriter
someone who writes a book for someone else
a bibliophile
a book lover
to spark off (something)
to cause something to suddenly start enthusiastically
pace of life
the speed with which you live your life, e.g slow, hectic etc
credit crunch
an economic situation where banks restrict the amount of money you can borrow.
mass unemployment
very high levels of unemployment
extremely poor housing areas associated with extreme poverty
remote areas
Places which have small populations and are which are often far away and difficult to reach from urban areas
city dweller
an inhabitant of a city
sheer delight
absolute joy
to look through something, e.g. a book or bookshop, without a particular purpose
not expensive
chick lit
a type of literature particularly appealing to girls and women
something which helps you detach from everyday life.
a short story for children, often involving anaimals as characters, that conveys a moral
mass media
various forms of media which are transmitted to a large audience by various means
to give out
to distribute
a warmer
a short activity at the start of the class
authentic texts
reading texts a teacher uses which have been taken from real sources (e.g. news, stories, poems) rather than from a coursebook or teaching resource book
the lexical approach
a way of teaching vocabulary using preconstructed chunks, e.g. fixed and semi-fixed expressions and collocations