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Buddho vadati.
The Enlightened One speaks.
Dhammo rakkhati.
The Doctrine protects.
Sā dhovati.
She washes.
Yācako dhāvati.
The beggar runs.
Sūdā pacanti.
The cooks are cooking.
Janakā vadanti.
The fathers are speaking.
Te vandanti.
They salute.
Narā rakkhanti.
Men protect.
Puttā dhāvanti.
Sons are running.
Dārako vandati.
The child salutes.
Buddho dhammaṃ rakkhati.
The Buddha protects the doctrine.
Dārakā Buddhaṃ vandanti.
Children are saluting the Buddha.
Sūdo ghaṭe dhovati.
The cook is washing the pots.
Narā gāmaṁ rakkhanti.
The men protect the village.
ā ū ṭ ṃ
ā ū ṭ ṃ
Sā odanaṃ pacati.
She boils rice.
Buddhā dhammaṃ vadanti.
The Buddhas declar the Doctrine.
Puttā janake vandanti.
The sons are saluting the fathers.
Yācakā ghaṭe dhovanti.
Beggars are washing the jars.
Te gāme rakkhanti.
They protect the villages
Janako Buddhaṃ vandati.
The father salutes the Buddha.