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Los pingüinos de Madagascar

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la Nochebuena
Christmas Eve
el pingüino
the pinguin
el oso polar
the polar bear
una anciana
an old lady
los otros
the others
la calle
the street
ir de compras
to go shopping
luchan contra
they fight against
decido buscar
I decide to look for
deciden escaparse
they decide to escape
no tiene
s/he doesn't have
they see
decide organizar
s/he decides to organize
quiere comprar
s/he wants to buy
cree que
s/he believes that
¡Qué desastre!
How aweful!
al final
at the end
la historia empieza
the story starts
un juguete de perros
a dog toy
mientras tanto
un regalo de Navidad
a Christmas present
prepara un plan
s/he prepares a plan