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Giovanni va a Pamplona

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listens to
un hombre italiano
an Italian man
tiene 25 años
is 25 years old (has 25 years)
es guapo
is good-looking, handsome
tiene el pelo negro
has black hair
es de Roma
is from Rome
quiere ser famoso
wants to be famous
va a Pamplona
goes to Pamplona
they run
busca los toros
looks for the bulls
la ciudad
the city
no comprende
doesn't understand
quiere correr
wants to run
los participantes
the participants
los espectadores
the spectators
miran el evento
they watch the event
una fiesta espectacular
a spectacular party
está nervioso
is nervous
empieza pronto
starts soon
está muy entusiasmado
is very enthusiastic, excited
muchos turistas
many tourists/ a lot of tourists
la ropa blanca
the white clothing
son españoles
they are Spaniards
a las ocho de la mañana
at 8:00 in the morning
toma fotos
takes pictures
corre detrás de
runs after
¡Qué desastre!
What a disaster!
le pega
hits him/her
¡Qué extraño!
How strange
empieza a correr
starts to run