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Mema wo akye
Good morning
Mema wo aha
Good afternoon
Mema wo adwo
Good evening
Merekyea wo!
Wo ho te sɛn?
How are you doing?
Bibiara te sɛn?
How is everything?
Bibibiara rekɔ sɛn?
How is everything going?
Mewɔ awerɛhyɛ mu sɛ bibiara yɛ
I trust that everything is well
Ɛyɛ sɛ mahu wo
Good to see you
Abrabɔ ne woredi no sɛn?
How has life been treating you?
M'ani agye paa sɛ mahu wo bio
I'm so happy to see you again
Ɛhe na wode wo ho asuma?
Where have you been hiding?
You are welcome