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Denominations of Christianity

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Liberal Christian
Interprets the Bible according to the times we live in
Christians who believe every word of the Bible is true
Follow a pattern of worship set down in a prayer book
Non liturgical - do not follow a set order of service
Most will allow women to be priests, but not bishops. Oppose gay marriage. Liturgical
Roman Catholic
The first Christians. Believe in Transubstantiation. Will not allow priests to marry, or other religions' communion in their church. Oppose gay marriage
Form of worship is silence, unless the Holy Spirit allows them to speak. Believe in equality and allow gay marriage
Very colourful, use icons, and lots of ritual. Do not allow priests to marry
Free Church
Part of Anglican community; more fundamental , believe in authority of the Bible
Inclusivist Christian
You can go to Heaven if you follow your God, but Christianity is the best way to go to Heaven.
Conservative Christian
Very traditional beliefs, much like Literal Christians
Charismatic Christian
Modern day movement, worship is very "happy clappy" Spirit led.
Highly emotional church services. No set liturgy