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il faut se méfier de l'eau qui dort
still waters run deep
se tirer d'affaire
to get out of trouble, to get off the hook
tu auras affaire à moi
you'll have me to contend with (fam)
secouer la tête
to shake one's head
être un peu secoué
to be a bit shaken up
se secouer
to pull oneself together, to shake oneself
travailler comme un forcené
to work like a maniac
prendre ombrage de qqch
to not accept something, to be jealous of something
c'est à prendre ou à laisser
take it or leave it
prendre ses aises
to make oneself at home, stretch out, to be indiscret
à beau mentir qui vient de loin
long ways, long lies (someone who comes from afar can tell big lies)
revenir de loin
to have a close call
un revers de fortune
a reversal of fortune, a setback
en rêver la nuit
to be obsessed with sth
passer qqch en revue
to go over something