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au prix où est le beurre
with prices as they are
avoir le triste privilège de
to have the sad duty of
glisser dans l'ennui
to become bored
cirer les pompes à qqn
to butter somebody up, to flatter someone with the purpose of obtaining a favor (not glisser)
grimper à l'arbre
to be taken for a ride
hurler avec les loups
run with the pack (follow the crowd, cry with the wolves)
il a avalé son parapluie
he's so stiff and starchy
il a ça dans le sang
it's in his blood
les absents ont toujours tort
those who are absent always get the blame
le ridicule ne tue pas
looking a fool never killed anybody
le mieux c'est l'ennemi du bien
perfectionisme can be counter productive
le haut du panier
the cream of the crop
il ferait beau voir
I'd like to see the day, it would be nice to see
là où il y a de la gêne il n'y a pas de plaisir
it's a pity to spoil someone's pleasure
laisser courir
let it ride