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Hello! (informal) Ha-
Hallo zämä!
Hello "together" (Informal - if more than one person) Ha- zä-
Hey! (informal) tsch-
Tschau zämä!
Hey "together" (informal - if more than one person) tsch-
Salut! (informal) sa-
Salü zämä!
Salut "together" (informal - if more than one person) sa-
Hello (Formal) Grü
Grüessech mitenand
Hello "together" (Formal - if more than one person) grü- mit-
Wie geiht's dir?
How are you? (Informal)
Wie geiht's öich?
How are you? (Formal - or informal if there are more than one person)
Wie geiht's ihm?
How is he?
Wie geiht's ihre?
How is she?
Wie geiht's üs?
How are we doing?
Mir geit's guet, merci.
I'm fine, thank you.
Ihm geit's guet
He's fine.
Ihre geit's guet.
She's fine.
Dene geit's guet
They're fine.
Wie heissisch du?
What's your name?
Wie heisset dir?
What's your name? (Formal or informal if there are 2 persons or more)
Wie heisst är?
What's his name?
Wie heisst sie?
What's her name?
Wie heisse sie?
What's their name?
Ig heisse ...
My name is ...
Är heisst ...
His name is ...
Sie heisst ...
Her name is ...
Mir heisse
Our name is ...