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Bhūpālo bhuñjati.
The king eats.
Puttā sayanti.
Sons sleep.
Vāṇijā sayanti.
Merchants sleep.
Buddho passati.
The Buddha sees.
Kumāro dhāvati.
The boy runs.
Mātulo kasati.
The uncle ploughs.
Brāhmaṇā bhāsanti.
Brahmins speak.
Mittā gacchanti.
Friends go.
Kassakā pacanti.
Farmers cook.
Manusso chindati.
The man cuts.
Purisā dhāvanti.
Men run.
Sahāyako bhuñjati.
The friend eats.
Tathāgato bhāsati.
The Buddha speaks.
Naro pacati.
The man cooks.
Sahāyā kasanti.
Friends plough.
Sugato āgacchati.
The Buddha comes.
Sons run.
Puttā dhāvanti.
The uncle sees.
Mātulo passati.
The Buddha comes.
Buddho āgacchati.
Boys eat.
Kumārā bhuñjanti.
Merchants go.
Vāṇijā gacchanti.
The man sleeps.
Manusso sayati.
Kings go.
Bhūpālā gacchanti.
The brahmin cuts.
Brāhmaṇo chindati.
Friends speak.
Mittā bhāsanti.
The farmer ploughs.
Kassako kasati.
The merchant comes.
Vāṇijo āgacchati.
Sons cut.
Puttā chindanti.
Uncles speak.
Mātulā bhāsanti.
The boy runs.
Kumāro dhāvati.
The friend speaks.
Sahāyo bhāsati.
The Buddha sees.
Buddho passati.