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Buddho sāvakehi saddhiṃ vihāraṃ gacchati.
The Buddha goes to the monastery with [his] disciples.
Puriso puttena saha dīpaṃ dhāvati.
The man runs to the island with [his] son.
Kassako sarena sigālaṃ vijjhati.
The farmer shoots the jackal with (an) arrow.
Brāhmaṇā mātulena saha pabbataṃ āruhanti.
Brahmins climb the mountain with uncle.
Puttā pādehi kukkure paharanti.
- Sons hit the dogs with feet.
Mātulo puttehi saddhiṃ rathena gāmaṃ āgacchati.
The uncle comes to the village with [his] sons by a chariot.
Kumārā hatthehi patte āharanti.
Boys bring the bowls by hands.
Coro maggena assaṃ harati.
The thief takes away the horse along the road.
Kassako āvā.taṃ oruhati.
- The farmer descends to the pit.
Bhūpālā paṇḍitehi saha samaṇe passanti.
Kings [together] with the wise men see the monks.
Paṇḍito bhūpālena saha Tathāgataṃ vandati.
The wise man [together] with the king worships the Buddha.
Puttā sahāyena saddhiṃ odanaṃ bhuñjanti.
Sons eat rice with [a] friend.
Vāṇijo pāsāṇena migaṃ paharati.
The merchant hits [a] deer with [a] stone.
Sunakhā pādehi āvā.te khaṇanti.
Dogs dig pits with [their] feet.
Brāhmaṇo puttena saha suriyaṃ vandati.
The brahmin [together] with [his] son worships the sun.
Kassako soṇehi saddhiṃ rukkhe rakkhati.
The farmer protects trees with dogs.
Sugato sāvakehi saha vihāraṃ āgacchati.
Buddha comes to the monastery with [his] disciples.
Yācako pattena bhattaṃ āharati.
The beggar brings rice in [a] bowl.
Paṇḍitā saggaṃ gacchanti.
Wise men go to heaven.
Kumārā assehi saddhiṃ gāmaṃ dhāvanti.
Boys run to the village with horses.
Coro khaggena naraṃ paharati.
The thief hits the man with [a] sword.
Vāṇijo saka.tena dīpe āharati.
The merchant brings lamps by [a] cart.
Assā maggena dhāvanti.
- Horses run through the path/road.
Sigālā migehi saddhiṃ pabbataṃ dhāvanti.
Jackals run to the mountain with deer.
Bhūpālo paṇḍitena saha manusse rakkhati.
The king [together] with [a] wise man protects the people
The recluse sees the Buddha with his friend.
Samaṇo mittena saha Buddhaṃ passati.
Disciples go to the monastery with the Buddha.
Sāvakā Buddhena saha viharaṃ gacchanti.
The horse runs to the mountain with the dogs.
Asso kukkurehi saddhiṃ pabbataṃ dhāvati.
The boy hits the lamp with a stone.
Kumāro pāsāṇena dīpaṃ paharati.
Merchants shoot deer with arrows.
Vāṇijā sarehi mige vijjhanti.
Farmers dig pits with their hands.
Kassakā hatthehi āvā.te khaṇanti.
Boys go to the monastery by chariot with their uncle.
Kumārā mātulena saha rathena vihāraṃ gacchanti.
The brahmin cooks rice with his friend.
Brāhmaṇo mittena saha bhattaṃ pacati.
The king protects the island with wise men.
Bhūpālo paṇḍitehi saha dīpaṃ rakkhati.
Kings worship monks with their sons.
Bhūpālā puttehi saha samaṇe vandanti.
Thieves bring horses to the island.
Corā asse dīpaṃ āharanti.
Disciples climb mountains with men.
Sāvakā narehi saha pabbate āruhanti.
Merchants cut trees with farmers.
Vāṇijā kassakehi saha rukkhe chindanti.
The beggar digs a pit with a friend.
Yācako mittena saha āvā.taṃ khaṇati.
The brahmin sees the moon with his uncles.
Brāhmaṇo mātulehi saha candaṃ passati.
The thief hits the horse with a sword.
Coro khaggena assaṃ paharati.
The son brings rice in a bowl.
Putto pattena odanaṃ āharati.
Boys run to the mountain with their dogs.
Kumārā kukkurehi saddhiṃ pabbataṃ dhāvanti.
Merchants come to the village by carts with farmers.
Vāṇijā kassakehi saha saka.tehi gāmaṃ āgacchanti.
Uncles come to the monastery by chariots with their sons.
Mātulā puttehi saha rathehi vihāraṃ āgacchanti.
Jackals run to the mountain along the road.
Sigālā maggena pabbataṃ dhāvanti.
Dogs dig pits with their feet.
Kukkurā pādehi āvā.te khaṇanti.
The man carries a saw in his hand.
Naro hatthena kakacaṃ harati.
Recluses go to heaven.
Samaṇā saggaṃ gacchanti.
The Buddha comes to the village with his disciples.
Buddho sāvakehi saddhiṃ gāmaṃ āgacchati.