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anee kotev michtav

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anee kotev
I write (masc.)
anee kotevet
I write (fem.)
mah ata kotev
what do you write? (masc.)
anee kotev michtav
I write a letter (masc.)
mah at kotevet?
what do you write? (fem.)
anee kotevet sefer
I write a book (fem.)
aifo at?
where are you? (fem.)
anee be'universitah
I am at the university
anee oved
I work (masc.)
anee ovedet
I work (fem.)
aifo hee ovedet
where does she work?
hee ovedet be'universitah
she works at the university
aifo hu oved
where does he work?
hu oved bekolno'a
he works at the cinema