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there was
c'era qualche problema?
was there some problem?
c'era un problema
there was a problem
c'era del vino?
was there any wine?
c'era qualcuno là
there was someone there
sono andato
I went
sono andato in Inghilterra
I went to England
è andato a Firenze la scorsa settimana
he went to Florence last week
avevo freddo
I was cold
non c'era vino
there wasn't any wine
non c'era nessun taxi
there weren’t any taxis
ho bevuto una birra
I drank a beer
ha bevuto del vino
he drank some wine
hai bevuto dell'acqua
you drank some water
non ho mangiato carne di manzo
I didn't eat any beef
lui non ha mangiato nessuna verdura
he didn't eat any vegetables
era felice?
was he happy?
aveva fame?
was he hungry?
non ero felice
I wasn’t happy
lui non aveva freddo
he wasn't cold
non era affamata
she wasn’t hungry
tu non eri arrabbiato
you weren't angry
la colpa
non era colpa mia
it wasn't my fault
io inizio
I start
ho iniziato a imparare l'italiano la settimana scorsa
I started learning Italian last week
sto imparando l'italiano da un mese
I have been learning Italian for one month
sono andato in America due mesi fa
I went to America two months ago
sono venuto in Italia sei settimane fa
I came to Italy six weeks ago
to have fun
mi sono divertito con te
I had fun with you
mi sono divertito in America
I had fun in America
mi sono divertito ieri notte
I had fun last night
ho detto che sarei arrivato oggi
I said I would arrive today