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go after
pursue, chase sb or sth, try to achieve
go ahead
start to do something
go away
stop, cease
go away
depart, leave a place
go back
go back on
break a promise/agreement
go by
base one's ideas, opinion on
go down with
start to suffer from an infectious disease
go for
like or admire
go for
attack or criticize
go for
apply for
go in for
take part in e.g. a competition
go off
explode; (of a warning device) start to ring loudly or make a loud noise
go off
spoil e.g. food
go on
continue or move to the next thing
go on
go on*
start operation
go out
stop burning, emiting light, shining
go over
examine or look at something in a careful or detailed way
go over
go round
be enough for everyone to have a share
go round
spread, circulate
go through
experience a difficult or unpleasant situation
go through
be completed with success (of a deal/arrangement)
go through
examine something which contains a collection of things carefully in order to organize them or find something
go up
rise, increase
go with
match, combine well with
go without
endure the lack of something