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come across
find/meet by chance/accidently
come across*
behave in a way which makes people believe that you have a particular characteristic
come by
obtain, get or acquire
come down to
be passed on to somebody by inheritance
come down with
become ill, start to suffer from illness
come down*
fall and land on the ground
come down*
feel less excited after a very enjoyable experience
come into
inherit money or property
come off
succeed, happen as planned
come out
be published revealed
come out
be able to be removed (of a stain)
come round
visit somebody (casually)
come round
recover consciousness
come to
be a particular total when numbers or amounts are added together
come to*
reach a particular point or state
come up
to be mentioned or talked about in conversation
come up
on to move towards someone
come up
appear on a computer screen (of information), arise, occur
come up with
find (an answer, solution), suggest or think of an idea or plan