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an act of accepting that something exists or is true, or that something is there; a statement, especially at the beginning of a book, in which the writer expresses thanks to the people who have helped
advantage of
a thing that helps you to be better or more successful than other people
agony aunt
a person who writes in a newspaper or magazine giving advice in reply to people’s letters about their personal problems
a person who introduces, or gives information about, programmes on the radio or television
to apply for sth
to make a formal request, usually in writing, for something such as a job, a place at college, university, etc.
used to emphasize how bad something/somebody is
to attend
to go regularly to a place; to be present at an event
without enough money to pay what you owe
be bound to
certain or likely to happen, or to do or be something
the act of putting pressure on a person or a group to do something they do not want to do, for example by making threats or by making them feel guilty
to broaden
to affect or make something affect more people or things; to increase your experience, knowledge, etc.
a newspaper printed on a large size of paper, generally considered more serious than smaller newspapers
a wild plant with small shiny yellow flowers that are shaped like cups
the long stage that models walk on during a fashion show; a narrow platform for people to walk on, for example along the outside of a building or a bridge
the usual number of copies of a newspaper or magazine that are sold each day, week, etc.
the reporting of news and sport in newspapers and on the radio and television
a person who has changed their religion, beliefs or opinions
a person who writes articles for a magazine or a book, or who talks on a radio or television programme or at a meeting
cordon off
to stop people from getting into an area by surrounding it with police, soldiers, etc.
a place where babies and small children are taken care of while their parents are working, studying, shopping, etc.
pieces of wood, metal, brick, etc. that are left after something has been destroyed
a sum of money that somebody owes
a place to which somebody/something is going or being sent
the very small drops of water that form on the ground, etc. during the night
arranged or expected; owed to somebody as a debt, because it is their right or because they have done something to deserve it
an important article in a newspaper, that expresses the editor’s opinion about an item of news or an issue; in the US also a comment on radio or television that expresses the opinion of the station or network
a person who has seen a crime, accident, etc. and can describe it afterwards
a large open space inside the entrance of a theatre or hotel where people can meet or wait
the rate at which something happens or is repeated
newspapers that have small pages and short articles with a lot of pictures and stories about famous people, and are often thought of as less serious than other newspapers
connected with the work of a manager
an afternoon performance of a play, etc.; an afternoon showing of a film/movie
an idea, a belief or an understanding of something
that makes or is likely to make money; that gives somebody an advantage or a useful result
to promote
to help sell a product, service, etc. or make it more popular by advertising it or offering it at a special price; to move somebody to a higher rank or more senior job
to demote
to move somebody to a lower position or rank, often as a punishment
that can be trusted to do something well; that you can rely on
broken stones or bricks from a building or wall that has been destroyed or damaged
to shoot up
to grow very quickly; to rise suddenly by a large amount
a person who pays money, usually once a year, to receive regular copies of a magazine or newspaper
a small electronic device used in computers, radios, televisions, etc. for controlling an electric current as it passes along a circuit
Oh sa mu huligaan!; Oh sind jultunut!