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betHkee ingleezee?, بتحكي إنكليزي؟
Do you speak English?
anaa maa beHkee soree, أنا ما بحكي سوري
I do not speak Syrian.
sho ismak?, شو إسمك؟
What is your name?
imta 'eed meelaadak?, إمتى عيد ميلادك؟
When is your birthday?
wayn iKhle-et?, وين إخلقت؟
Where were you born?
sho retebtak?, شو رتبتك؟
What is your rank / title?
sho jenseetak?, شو جنسيتك؟
What is your nationality?
ma'ak haweeyeh?, معك هوية؟
Do you have any identification papers?
ma'ak jawaaz safar?, معك جواز سفر؟
Do you have a passport?
sho shghlak?, شو شغلك؟
What is your job?
meen il mas-ool?, مين المسؤول؟
Who is in charge?
wayn ibteKhdum?, وين إبتخدم؟
Where do you serve?
min ay majmoo'a inte?, من أي مجموعة إنت؟
Which group are you in?
jaaweb 'ala il as-ele?, جاوب على الأسئلة؟
Answer the questions
min wayn inte?, من وين إنت؟
Where are you from?
'am tefham 'aleenaa?, عم تفهم علينا؟
Do you understand?
maa 'am ifham, ما عم إفهم
I don't understand.
ad deysh?, قديش؟
How much?
kam mara?, كم مرة؟
How many?
'eedhaa, عيدها
Repeat it
wayn ___?, وين ___؟
Where is ___?
keef ibrooH lahneek?, كيف إبروح لهنيك؟
What direction?
b'eedeh min hon?, بعيدة من هون؟
Is it far?
mawjood shee irjaal hon imsalaHeen?, موجود شي إرجال هون إمسلحين؟
Are there armed men near here?
wayn raaHoo?, وين راحوا؟
Where did they go?
ay asleHa?, أي اسلحة؟
What weapons?
iHkee shway shway, احكي شوي شوي
Speak slowly
wayn waHedtak?, وين وحدتك؟
Where is your unit?
wayn shiftom?, وين شفتم؟
Where did you see them?
wayn 'aa-eltak?, وين عائلتك؟
Where is your family?