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Personal Pronouns (possessive)

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Bu benim
This is mine
Bu senin
This is yours (sn)
Bu onun
This is his/hers
Bu bizim
This is ours
Bu sizin
This is yours (pl)
Bu onların
This is theirs
the one that is mine
the one that is yours (sn)
the one that is his/hers
the one that is ours
the one that is yours (pl)
the one that is theirs
Senin araban nerede?
Where is your car?
Benimki burada
Mine is here
Benim arabam nerede?
Where is my car?
Seninki burada
Yours is here
Onun arabası nerede?
Where is his/her car?
Onunki burada
His/hers is here
Sizin arabanız nerede?
Where is your (pl) car?
Bizimki burada
Ours is here
Bizim arabamız nerede?
Where is our car?
Sizinki burada
Yours (pl) is here
Onların arabaları nerede?
Where is their car?
Onlarınki burada
Theirs is here