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الماضي ١ - "يكون" - تعبيرات

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I was at school
أنا كنت في المدرسة
I was a little hungry
أنا كنت جائعًا قليلاً
you were sick
أنت كنت مريض
were you hungry?
هل أنت كنت جائع؟
were you sad?
هل أنت كنت حزين؟
we were ready to eat
كنا جاهزين للأكل
the dog was too old
(كان الكلب كبيرًا جدًا (في السن
we were ready to order the wine
كنا جاهزين لطلب النبيذ
he was really angry
كان غاضبًا حقًا
they were disgusting
كانوا مقرفين
it was too expensive
كان غاليًّا جدًا
it was a very small car
كانت سيارة صغيرة جدًا
they were too big
كانوا كبيرين جدًا
the boy and the girl were from Egypt
كان الصبي والصبية من مصر
my dad was really hungry
كان أبي جائعًا حقًا
was I too angry?
هل أنا كنت غاضبًا جدًا؟
you were very thirsty
أنت كنت عطِشًا جدًا
were they at home at quarter past six?
هل كانوا في البيت في الساعة السادسة والربع؟
my boyfriend was very angry because the starter was disgusting
صديقي كان غاضبًا جدًا لإن المقبل كان مقرفًا
was he at work at one o'clock?
هل كان في العمل في الساعة الواحدة؟
I was very happy because the cakes were delicious
أنا كنت سعيدًا جدًا لإن الكعكات كانت لذيذة
they were already too tired at ten o'clock
كانوا متعبين جدًا بالفعل في الساعة العاشرة
she was already ready
هي كانت جاهزة بالفعل