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je le vois
I see him; I see it (masc)
elle me dit
she tells me
tu nous détestes
you hate us
je les aime
I love them; I like them
je vous aiderai
I will help you (formal/plural)
elle te cherche
she is looking for you
il la voit
he sees her; he sees it (fem)
je l'ai aimé
I loved it; I loved him
tu l'as vu
You saw him; you saw it
nous l'avons fait
we did it
elle m'a dit
she told me; she said to me
je t'ai dit
I told you
me voir
to see me
te dire
to tell you; to say to you
nous parler
to speak to us
le faire
to do it
la regarder
to look at her; to look at it (fem)
les prendre
to take them
lui donner
to give him (to give to him); to give her
leur dire
to tell them (to say to them)