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#13 Subjunctive with -car,-gar,-zar,-guir verbs

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es mejor que...
it's better that.....
es buena idea que..
it's a good idea that
es importante que....
it's important that
aconsejarle (a alquien) que
to advise someone to.....
recomendarle (a alquien) que
to recommend that someone..
sugerirle (a alguien) que
to suggest that someone..
Te recomiendo que vayas al cine.
I recommend that you go to the movies.
Te recomiendo ir al cine.
I recommend that to go to the movies.( no que=no possible subject change= infinitive)
I, you look for, will look for
you look for, will look for
we look for, will look for
they, you guys look for, will look for
yo llegue
I arrive, will arrive
tú llegues
you (f. sing) arrive (subj)
él llegue
he arrive (subj)
nosotros lleguemos
we arrive (subj)
ellos lleguen
they arrive (subj)
yo empiece
I begin, will begin
tú empieces
you (f. sing) begin (subj)
ella empiece
she begins (subj)
nosotros empecemos
we begin (subj)
ellas empiecen
they begin (subj)
yo recoja
I pick up; gather (subj)
tú recojas
you (f. sing) pick up; gather (subj)
ella recoja
she picks up, will pick up
nosotros recojamos
we pick up; gather (subj)
ustedes recojan
you all pick up; gather (subj)
yo siga
I follow; continue (subj)
tú sigas
you (f. sing) continue; follow (subj)
usted siga
You (formal) continue; follow (subj)
nosotros sigamos
we continue, will continue
ellos sigan
they continue; follow (subj)
Te recomiendo que lleves una maleta
I recommend that you take a suitcase
Es buena idea que tu hagas la reservación
It's a good idea that you make the reservation
Le sugerí que él empiece la tarea
I suggested to him that he begin the homework
Es importante que ustedes paguen con cheques
It's important that you all pay with checks