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#14 Subjunctive of stem-changing -ir and irregula

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yo duerma
I sleep, will sleep
tú duermas
you sleep, will sleep
ella duerma
she sleeps, will sleep
nosotros *durmamos
we sleep, will sleep (doesn't not change outside of the boot)
vosotros *durmáis
you all sleep, will sleep (doesn't not change outside of the boot)
ellos duerman
they sleep, will sleep
yo me sienta
I feel, will feel
tú sentirse
te sientas
ella sentirse
se sienta
nosotros sentirse
*nos sintamos
ellos sentirse
se sientan
yo pida
I ask for/order, will ask for/order
to order or to ask for. DON'T use por/para after it!!!!
yo esté
I am, will be
tú estar
ella estar
nosotros estar
ustedes estén
you guys are, will be
yo dé
I give, will give
tú des
you give, will give
ella dé
she gives, will give
nosotros demos
we give, will give
ellas den
they give, will give
yo sepa
I know, will know
tú saber
ella saber
nosotros saber
ellas saber