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16.2 Giving an emotional reaction

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el bautizo
the baptism
¿Cómo te sentiste cuando supiste lo de...?
How did you feel when you found out about...?
Cuando me enteré, no lo pude creer
When I found out, I couldn't believe it
la enfermedad
la muerte
el nacimiento
the birth
Me pareció
I thought it was...
la partida
the departure
to put
me puse
I felt/became
te pusiste
you (fam sing) felt/became
él se puso
he felt/became
nos pusimos
we felt/became
ponerse a llorar
to start to cry
me sentí
I felt
se sintió
he/she/you formal felt
nos sentimos
we felt
yo quise
I wanted to (had the urge to)
tú quisiste
you wanted to
él, ella, usted quiso
he, she you wanted to
nosotros quisimos
we wanted to
ellos se respetaban
they used to respect each other
yo supe
I found out
tú supiste
you (fam sing) found out
él , ella, usted supo
he, she you found out
nosotros supimos
we found out